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About Local Swingers

Welcome to Local Swingers, we hope that by joining this site you will discover a warm and welcoming community of people who all share a common interest.

The term swingers is obviously generic and therefore it may be worthwhile pointing out that you will find people here of all ages, from all walks of life; some who swing on a regular basis, some who do so occasionally and some who are yet to try, but without exception they all began somewhere and will undoubtedly have experienced the same anxieties and concerns that you may be experiencing now. It really is a case of 'you're not on your own'. This is a place where you can be yourselves and discuss and indulge in your lifestyle without fear of embarrassment, safe in the knowledge that everyone you meet here has made the same choice.

The key to a happy swinging lifestyle is communication and honesty. If you are part of a couple ensure that your partner is in agreement before you post a profile…particularly if they are going to be featured on it. If you leave your details for others to view, make sure you do not give misleading or false information, this will undermine your integrity. Take time compiling your profile, its your way of promoting yourself. However it is worth noting that only full members have complete access to the site.

Our membership numbers have soared since this site first began, however we remain loyal to our first objectives which were:

Safety and Discretion

We aim to provide a personal and supportive environment for likeminded adults who respect the choices of others.

For safety we encourage members never to go to any new meetings alone. If you are able to inform someone where you are going and when you are expected back. If this is not possible we can confirm some details of your intended 'meet's' membership, although we will NEVER disclose any personal information about any of our members.

I hope you have lots of fun. Please email me (webmistress) if you have any questions.

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